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Fragilla is an exclusive lifestyle brand with a main focus on fashion and design of life. Our brand was created to inspire our customers find a unique design in their life. At Fragilla we believe that everything in life is an art form, and you are the artist of your life in what you do.


Fragilla is inspired by both art and philosophy. That is why we decided to create high quality clothing line for all. The fashion clothing we offer is delicately handmade and is especially designed for our bodies and their natural movement.


Fragilla combines the inner beauty of customers with the beauty of their environment. Our logo symbolizes passion, purity, energy and original design. We work with a creative and talented team of artists who bring the best and unique pieces of art into all of the products we offer. Each piece creates a harmonic atmosphere with the touch of genuine art.

 We have enriched our website with inspirational online-courses and ideas to create a deep source of motivation and positive energy for our customers.




Hi there! My name is Pavlína Kadlcová and I am an owner of Fragilla design. Although I am not a huge fan of talking about myself, I would like to tell you something more about me and perhaps give you little insight into my journey which brought me to the life that I am proud of living.

 I grew up in Czech Republic and since I can remember I have always loved art, design and traveling. Making dreams come true has always been something I have aspired to and believe me or not, now when I am looking back, majority of them became part of my life!

 Of course – as it usually is in life – my journey wasn´t smooth at all times. After many years of working in field of economy, I started feeling burnt out. I felt like I forgot about my passions and that I was not fulfilling my own dreams! And just between me and you…. That´s my big personal “No-no!”.

 At that time, I decided I would start traveling again. Straight away I fell in love with Italy – with its culture, style, art and mainly with people and their life stories that fulfilled me with passion and infinite inspiration. Sounds like scene from movie Eat, love and pray, right? Well, to be honest with you, this movie, yoga and Julia Roberts are truly my instant inspiration boosts!


(As I mentioned before, one of my biggest dreams was to start my own design company.) Italy together with Bali, were two places where I found what I was looking for. I have seen work pieces made by local artist that expressed their passion and devotion and this was the time when I decided that that was what I wanted my company to represent – art, passion and uniqueness. I didn´t want to fill my company with ordinary pieces, I wanted to sell value-something, that would represent quality!


Since that day, Fragilla design has maintained all of that and combined it with parts of my persona – femininity and ageless life-playful energy!

 I feel lucky that not only everything what I wished for became true but also that it exceeded my expectations by 100%. So if I should give one advice it would definitely be: “Live life to the fullest, don´t be scared of changes, surround yourself with beauty and  always (always!) follow your heart!”


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Fragilla is all about happiness, beauty, health, passion and well-being. We want our products to represent these values and to be able to share this vibe with the ones that buy and use them.

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